CEPTA event on PA redistricting(Gerrymandering) by Amanda Holt

Gerrymandering or how badly can the legislators botch up a PA Constitutional law and get away with it?

It turns out they can get to the point or ridiculous and the high court in this state will give it standing. Therein lies our biggest concern.

There was a good size crowd at the CEPTA’s latest meeting that dealt with exactly this political problem and the guest presenter, Amanda Holt, one of our present Lehigh County Commissioners took it all the way to the PA Supreme Court and won,…….. once.

Problem is that the legislators almost ignored her PA supreme Court win in how to layout the districts almost perfectly to the PA Constitution. So she took it to the high court again and the second time they just punted and let the gerrymandering stand.

This is a very interesting history of what Gerrymandering is and how it got as bad as it is and Amanda’s heroic battle against the PA legislature leading to her win at the PA Supreme Court level only to be thrown aside when the political pressure on our highest court took hold and the Supreme Court Judges caved and blew off our PA Constitution.

Watch, listen and learn why our political system is in dire jeopardy when we can’t even trust our Supreme Court to do right by our PA Constitution.