East Penn School Board meeting for 2’27’2017

Topics of interest

  1. Seven Generations Charter School renewal of their charter through East Penn School District.
  2. The renewal passed with these two EPSD administration added proposals removed. The vote can be found at the 1:06:45 time stamp in the video. It passed 6 Yea to 3 Nay by Ballard, Heid and Earnshaw.

 23. The Charter School shall comply with Chapter 4 of Title 22 of the
Pennsylvania Code regarding Academic Standards and Assessments.
24. The Charter School’s curriculum for all grade levels must be aligned , in
both development and implementation, with the Common Core State

  • The 2017-18 School Calendar.
  • Decision on having a Budgetary Reserve within the Fund Balance. It was decided to have a Budgetary Reserve in the range of 3-5% rather than an open ended 3-5% or higher.


There was an interesting discussion by Board member Donatelli about the amount of teacher absences during the school year. He stated that the Superintendent wrote to the other board members that Donatelli’s conclusions that teacher’s take off 17 days during the school year was wrong. Mr Donatelli then brought it up at the end of the meeting stating that the four month historical data given to the board members shows that if extrapola out for the year would yield his results¬†¬† by the Superintendent showed that eluded to the data he did his calculations on