Senator Boscola Tax Relief Roundtable video

Mr. Ron Boltz of the PA Taxpayer Cyber Coalition (PTCC) presents, within the first 30 minutes of this video, a very detailed presentation of how and why HB/SB 76, which is the total elimination of PA School Property Taxes, as the best/fairest way to assure funding our schools across the state by all people.

The Constitutional Amendment (HB1285), which will be a referendum vote on in this November’s General Election, is nothing like true School Tax Elimination.

Senator Mario Scavello talks right after Mr. Boltz about new proposed legislation he wants to create depending on if a majority of the voters in PA agree to vote yea to the Referendum.

It will then be necessary to create legislation, the legislation Senator Scavello proposed, which is creating a new tax to provide funds in the state budget to offset the loss of school district funds caused by the referendums constitutional change. His proposal is not school property tax elimination, not even close. It does nothing to prevent the school boards from increasing school tax into the future; it does nothing to force the school districts to use the new constitutional amendment law at all.

The only true way to eliminate the school taxes is through HB/SB 76 legislation all else poses a danger of continued school property tax increases with the addition of the newly created proposed income tax increases.

A bad choice of affairs and as always the devil is in the details. Let’s make sure we, the public understand and be involved in those details.


Here’s is the short clip of Senator Scavello describing his proposed legislation.