You Think Teacher Absences add to EPSD Expenses, Not as Much as Teachers do

Recently we did two articles (1)  (2) on the extra $1-2million dollars a year substitute teachers add to the EPSD budget, because of the 50 East Penn School teachers on average are absent every day of the teaching year.

Now let’s see how much the teachers, when they actually teach, cost the EPSD.

Let’s start with the latest “EPSD Teacher Contract.” It states that the teachers have a 192, seven hour and twenty minute per day teaching year or 1401 teaching hours/year. Unfortunately, the EPSD teachers union contract allows for EPSD public union teachers to be absent for many, many various reasons.

Now let’s look at a few of the many days they can be “absent” according to the contract.

  1. Teachers are contracted up to 2 days off for snow days, without needing to makeup the lost time.
  2. Teachers get 22 holidays according to the EPSD school calendar.
  3. The additional 17 days, on average, all teachers are absent during the school year. See the article linked above.

Totaling the above EPSD union teachers are absent 41 days out of their union contracted 192, seven hour twenty min./day school year.

Averaging only 151, seven hour twenty min./days or 1102 hr. teaching/year/teacher.

 The average salary (see exhibit #3) for an EPSD teacher is $72,000+/year with minor deductions for benefits. Divide $72,000/1102hr/yr.= $65.00 average/hr. rate. EPSD union teacher benefits package add an additional ~40% of salary bringing the average teacher salary + benefits package to $100,800 or $91.00/hour/rate.

There will be many more articles dealing with specific perks in the Teacher Union Contract in the future,

Here’s One Perk Teaser Alert:

Another EPSD Teacher Union Contract sweetener.

Teachers have 2190 minutes of weekly contracted work time, but over 10% of that time, 225 Minutes/week

or 1- 40 minute class period, they get to do class prep.

Take it further, EPSD union teachers’ contract for 192 days.

Divide 192 days by 5 day/weeks= 38 weeks, 38weeks X 225 min/wk.= 8550 min/year or 142 hr./year .

Divide this by the 7hr and twenty min day = 19 days of class prep time.

The 225min a day of prep time adds up to another 19 days of time the teacher gets to do things like class prep, correct papers, tests, homework, etc… Or sit in the teacher lounge with other teachers and do what-ever.

Now add the 19 days of prep to the other 41 days teachers are absent from teaching your children.

It comes to 132 days where teachers are actually in their classrooms teaching children.

That adjusts the average teacher pay to $75.00/hr. just for salary, now add the benefits $105/hr.

We didn’t even take into account that teachers also have hall, cafeteria and study hall monitoring that keeps them out of the classroom too.

Cha ching, cha ching.